What We Do

Our Intent

We have created a safe, loving environment for the children of Sovann Komar and provide them with excellent education and health care, aiming to equip each child with the tools they need to become productive, kind-hearted citizens of Cambodia. Their inclusion in a real family unit, their access to excellent education and our onsite medical clinic all come together to provide everything these children need as they grow. Additionally, our outreach programs offer our children opportunities to recognise and help poorer communities within Cambodia, promoting community responsibility and an awareness of others.

Many people are involved in delivering these services. We have a full time staff team working within Sovann Komar village and at our onsite school. Khmer and Western employees and volunteers alike work with our children to ensure they receive the best start in life. From teaching English to conducting health and hygiene workshops to communicating with donors and helping establish outreach projects, Sovann Komar works in many ways to support our children.