Thank you to our supporters

Sovann Komar wishes to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years and who continue to do so. Without you, Sovann Komar could not do the wonderful work it does so, once again, thank you very much for your generosity.

Thank you to Individual Donors:

Ms. Mary Ann Adams
Ms. Adele Amodeo
Ms. Lorraine Barra
Ms. Jacqueline Becker
Ms. Katie Behan
Ms. Gale Berkowitz
Mr. Marc Berman
Ms. Andrea Binger
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bleau
Mr. Neil Burmeister
Mr. Alex Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. David Caswell
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Chase
Mr. Arn Chorn-Pond
Ms. Arianna Comyns
Ms. Elisabeth Eddy Cord
Mr. Allen Dalton
Ms. Amy Davel
Mrs. Fiona Druckemiller
Ms. Sarah Eastman
Ms. Margaret Emmott
Ms. Lorinda Ezersky
Mr. Peter Fahey
Mrs. Pamela Fiori
Ms. Ruth Fischl
Mrs. Jennifer Geiling
Mr. and Mrs. Donald George
Mr. Colton Givner
Mr. Hubert Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Green
Mr. and Dr. Joseph M. Hafey
Dr. Susan Hagadorn
Mr. Christopher Heath
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Jester
Mr. Christopher Johnson
Ms. Elizabeth Ross Johnson

Ms. Mary Knight
Mr. Thomas Kovatch
Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Kriff, Jr.
Ms. Erin Kraus
Mr. Brian Leahy
Mr. Robert Leone and Mr. Ed Decker
Drs. David Lindeman and Mary Pittman
Ms. Linda McEvoy-Maloney
Mr. Joseph T. Martorano
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Miller
Ms. Martha Newman
Mr. Seth Paprin
Ms. Lisa Perry
Mr. and Mrs. John Prescott
Mrs. Susan Rose
Ms. Bonnie Saunders
Mr. Daniel Schwartz
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schonberg
Ms. Anita Seitzman
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Serrano
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Shandobil
Ms. Julie Skarratt
Mr. Britton Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Sothea Arun
Mr. Christopher Starr
Mr. Bill Tansey
Ms. Geraldine Taylor
Mr. John Tolvanen
Ms. Jeanne Toovel
Mr. and Mrs. William Waddleton
Mr. Luke J. Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander White
Mr. Bob Wolfson
Ms. Valerie McCann Woodson
Mr. Douglas Yasumura
Mr. Mario Zganjer

Thank you to Charitable Organizations
and Businesses:

Battambang Restaurant
BORDA-COMPED Cooperation Project
Butterflies Garden Restaurant
BZK, Inc.
Center for Veterinary Care
Children’s Garden Studio
The Children’s Trust
Diandra DeMorrell Douglas Foundation
Digital Freak
Dutch Flower Line
Elizabeth Ross Johnson 1994 Charitable Trust
Enterprise-TFL Fund
Frost Lighting
Gilliland Family Fund, Inc.
Head Fund, Inc.
Iroquois Plumbing and Heating
J.H. Cohn
The Johnson Company
Kenro Izu Studio, Inc.
Lantern Projects
Pediatric Opthamology Group
The Public Health Institute
Rotary Club of Oakland, California
Stortz Lighting, Inc.
TAG Associates, LLC
Tansey Design Associates
The 1962 Robert Wood Johnson Charitable Trust
The 1994 Robert Wood Johnson IV Charitable Trust
The Asia Foundation
Willard T.C. Johnson Foundation

Thank you to Our Partners:

American Jewish World Service
Amrita Performing Arts
Angkor Children’s Hospital
Beltei International Institute
Cambodian Living Arts
Cambodian Volunteers for Community Development
Council of Ministers, Royal Government of Cambodia
Dr. Dy Sam Sideth
His Excellency Roland Eng
Epic Arts
Friends Without Borders
IE3 Global Internships
Mr. Samkhann C. Khoeun
His Excellency Ly Chheng
Ministry of Social Affairs, Royal Government of Cambodia
iCAN International School
Outreach International
Pannasastra University of Cambodia
Prescott and Associates
Projects Abroad
Rotary Club of Phnom Penh
Mr. Glenn E. Schoenfeld
Embassy of the United States of America
Mr. Paul Wilkinson