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Life Skills Training

November 28, 2018 / admin / Uncategorized

According to a Cambodian proverb, every child is born like white paper: if his living environment is filled with wicked and cruel people, that child will become bad. If his living environment is rich in kindness, that child wil become a good Foundation for the future of the nation. Therefore, we provide an on-going series of life skills training on the weekends in the village to supplement the lessons they receive in school.

The Teacher and students

  • Training on Abuse Against Children and Youth

We see that in developing countries around the world, most people suffer from psychological stress, health problems, and life problems in general that can lead them to use forms of violence against children and youth. Considering these issues, Dirst Steps of Cambodia haa co-operated with Sovann Komar to deliver a training course on using violence against children and young people, which is offered to all membres in each household living in Sovann Komar’s Village.

Groups work

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