Ms Elizabeth Ross Johnson

Ms Elizabeth Ross Johnson first came to Cambodia in 2002, at which time she met Sothea Arun. The trip and their friendship led to the foundation of Sovann Komar in 2003. Through the generosity and support of Elizabeth and the Johnson Family, our community continues to thrive.

Elizabeth had four children and adopted a Cambodian son whom she met when visiting rural communities in Cambodia. She was dedicated to the children at Sovann Komar who called her ‘Aunty’ or ‘Grandma’ when she visited. Thanks to her, these children are receiving a quality education, are in loving families and part of a safe community.

After the sad passing of Elizabeth Ross Johnson in June 2017, Sovann Komar still receives support from Elizabeth and the Johnson Family. It is important Sovann Komar continues to pursue her vision for the children within our village. We are working to provide our children with everything they need to grow into valued citizens of Cambodia and make Elizabeth’s dreams come true.

More About Elizabeth Ross Johnson

For more information about Elizabeth’s work, click here to read the Wall Street Journal article about Sovann Komar. Her obituary was published in the New York Times and also mentions her philanthropic work.