Who We Are

What is Sovann Komar?

Sovann Komar began in 2003 and over the next two years brought together 56 orphaned or abandoned children and established ten family homes. Now we have Cambodian couples acting as foster families, working alongside our founders to create a loving, nurturing and positive environment for children who were deprived of these factors so early in life. We strive to make their lives as normal as possible and “give them all the tools they would need to be really healthy, productive citizens of Cambodia.”

Our mission statement

“To create an environment that provides a safe, nurturing home where orphaned and abandoned children can develop – physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually – to their fullest potential.”

Sovann Komar was co-founded by Mr Sothea Arun and Ms Elizabeth Ross Johnson (quoted above). The pair met in 2002 when Ms Johnson visited Cambodia and were inspired by one another to make a difference to the lives of orphans in Cambodia. Please click on their photographs to read more about our founders and the amazing journey they have been on together.

Mr Sothea ArunMs Elizabeth Ross Johnson at Sovann Komar

Our Videos

In these videos you can see Sovann Komar at different stages. The first was shot after the idea of Sovann Komar had come to light in 2003 but before the project started fully. Some of the children who now call Sovann Komar home feature in the footage. The second video was shot in 2010 and shows Sovann Komar as an established village. The final video is available in 360-degree mode and was created in 2016, including shots of the newer Sovann Komar School as well as the now-teenage Sovann Komar children.