Teacher Volunteers

Sovann Komar Children’s Village is now hosting Sovann Komar School. As our children grew up, our onsite school developed too and more classrooms were build. However, when our children began attending secondary school, we decided to open our existing school facilities to the wider community. We now offer classes from Nursery up to Grade 6 and teach over 300 students both English and Khmer. Many of these students receive scholarships from Sovann Komar and others pay a nominal, means-tested fee to help support the school.

Information about teaching at Sovann Komar School

Sovann Komar School provides volunteering opportunities to native or near-native English speakers. We have a set syllabus from Oxford University Press but encourage our volunteers to include their own interests in the curriculum (such as sports, arts and music). Our class sizes range from ten students to thirty, depending on the grade. Volunteers in the younger classes receive the support of a bilingual Khmer teacher who can help to translate and maintain discipline amongst the students.

We have an onsite library which every grade uses once a week and English volunteers are particularly encouraged to help with phonetic reading development. There is also a computer lab which can be used for projects if required. If you wish to develop a specialist program, this can also be arranged and, conditionally, subsidised by the school.

More About Volunteering at Sovann Komar

Volunteers live in Phnom Penh during the duration of their time at Sovann Komar. Free transport to and from our site is provided. A complimentary meal every day is also available from our restaurant. All teaching materials are provided. The head teacher, Mr Keo Kosal, has excellent English and communication skills and has been working with Sovann Komar and running the teaching volunteer program for eight years. He is a competent coordinator who welcomes new volunteers to our school with open arms.

Are you are interested in becoming a volunteer teacher at Sovann Komar School? Visit our contact page and send us your enquiry. Please note the minimum time commitment requested is three months. This is for the benefit of both the children and you. There is also a child protection policy which all volunteers must sign and adhere to. We look forward to hearing from you soon.