Grants and Fundraising

Sovann Komar is looking for people who can take on a number of skilled administrative positions. From coordinating fundraising efforts to improving our social media presence, we are looking for volunteers who have experience working in PR, grant-writing and social media management.

Social media management, fundraising and communication volunteering

We would like the assistance of a communications expert, able to run and improve engagement levels of our social media accounts. They will also be responsible for running our website and regularly updating our donors on Sovann Komar activities.

We also require grant and proposal writers who can help Sovann Komar secure future funding. Fundraising is a very important activity for us and an experienced grant writer will help improve our success rates. Sovann Komar relies on the generosity of donors and the acquirement of grants. They can fund one-off outreach programs, village improvements or the development of existing enterprises such as our restaurant. If you have experience and would like to support us, please fill in the contact form and someone from Sovann Komar will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sovann Komar has played host to many international volunteers in the past and we are eager to build a network between former volunteers. We want this community to support one another and offer advice about the work we do. Former volunteers can also act as ambassadors for our charity and help to spread awareness of Sovann Komar’s great work. Our communication volunteers facilitate this task.

More About Volunteering at Sovann Komar

Volunteers live in Phnom Penh during the duration of their time at Sovann Komar. Free transport to and from our site is provided. A complimentary meal every day is also available from our restaurant. We request a minimum commitment of three months so our families and volunteers get the most out of the experience.